2706 Beaded Leaves Placemat

Easy to pair with a wide range of table linens and dinnerware, this charming set of Beaded Leaves Placemats is a versatile addition to your dining room arsenal. The red and green leaves bring a beautiful splash of color to the tabletop, while the glass beads catch and reflect light.

  • 60% Glass Beads,20% Fabric,10% Acrylic Beads,10% Cardboard
  • Wipe With Dry Cloth
  • Imported

The following items might be backordered, and they might not be available for immediate fulfillment.

Product Color ETA
Beaded Leaves Placemat - 15" Round Red/Green 7/10/2023
Beaded Leaves Placemat - 15" - Round - Sold per 4
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